Elena Knox

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In Lapdog, Lull Studios' third poetry cabaret, Elena Knox is Australian Barbie, navigating an absurd and abundantly accessorised terrain notable for its sexualisation of the service industries.

flips from punk goddess to Barbie doll in a few simple stanzas
Sydney Morning Herald
Knox uses performance art, and the mode of cabaret, combined with physical theatre, to create… a genre of cabaret without [standard] ties of obligation.
Queer and Subjugated Knowledges
as comedic as it is stimulating. One moment she's a foul-mouthed diva, dripping beat poetry, the next she's a wide-eyed doll, straddling a bass guitar and batting her lashes innocently.
Sydney Morning Herald

Lapdog pioneers an edgy and uncompromising style of original spoken word — an integration of classic monologue, poetry, hip hop, comedy and cabaret. The lyrical text is rhythmic, poetic and minutely constructed, its performance high energy and intense. It's a risky tour-de-force, often rapid fire in delivery, a kamikaze mission of memorisation performed by a punked-up doll, in and around a life-sized pink doll box that has a mind and plans of its own.

Lapdog is created, performed and composed by Elena Knox with design and packaging by Tom Rivard and lighting and electronics by Phil Downing.


Lapdog video showreel
In Queer and Subjugated Knowledges,
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