Elena Knox

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dis Miss!


dis Miss! is an experimental poetry cabaret performed by Elena Knox as part of Sydney Opera House's Scratch Nights in 2003. Working with circus director Gail Kelly, Knox played all the characters in a surreal, interactive, choose-your-own-adventure romp through the underground of Sydney's cabaret, burlesque and stand-up bars.

Single, white, female, exquisite schizophrenic dream.
Audience member

For dis Miss!, Knox was joined on stage by Al Goodman (keys), Ed Goyer (drums, percussion and vibraphone) and James Haselwood (bass). All compositions by Knox in collaboration with the band.

dis Miss! received financial assistance from Playworks, the Myer Foundation and the Australia Council for the Arts.

Knox is no stranger to the performance space; she’s a classically trained cellist and dancer who among other feathers-in-caps rolled with the mighty CODA crew.

rough around the edges but teetering on staggeringly brilliant
Sunday Telegraph