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Cathode Ray Trio (C.R.T.)


for modular synthesizers and mover

This ongoing collaboration between Ed Leckie, Lian Loke and Lindsay Webb brings together an eclectic team of engineering artists with a love for deeply immersive, emotive spaces. To date the team has developed a broad framework and proof of technical concept, and given an inaugural performance at 107 Projects at the SYNC!! performance event Technospeak - Loops - Hyperflux.

Artist statement

In a rapidly digitizing creative world order, Cathode Ray Trio seizes on seemingly redundant analogue technologies to build a sound, light and movement playground for three performers united through one electrical network. C.R.T. reflects that physical networks are not only the skeletons of the current techno-corpus, but also the neural transmitters through which we can perceive and sense the world’s energy. It builds bodies, totems and towers from disused cathode ray tube televisions, and animates them with sensors and responsive audiovisuals driven by human proximity, movement, purpose. Networks of electrical energy, all around us but usually invisible to us, are revealed and toyed with. In consideration of the discarded waste that accompanies technological innovation and energy consumption, the confounding material presence of this largely rejected, outdated tech is poised to re-volt.



View a short video of the first Cathode Ray Trio performance here