Elena Knox

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Music for the Eyes

Studio, Sydney Opera House, 2005

Collaboration with CODA, a tribute to Erik Satie

Satie was an eccentric artist with a fantastic imagination and a philosophy that music is to be seen as much as it is to be heard. Just as Satie incorporated the talents of his early 20th century contemporaries Picasso, Cocteau and Duchamp, CODA joined with showgirls, opera singers, spoken word artists and aerial performers to pay homage to the great French impressionist.

one of the most innovative and visually spectacular acts around.

For the inaugural season of Music for the Eyes, CODA collaborated with musicians Veronique Serret (Australian Chamber Orchestra), Jessica O’Donoghue (Opera Queensland), Tim Constable (Synergy) and Maja Petrova, as well as aerialist Imogen Kelly, NIDA's Kevin Jackson and performance artist Elena Knox.

Some footage here