Elena Knox

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Music for the Eyes

Studio, Sydney Opera House & Campbelltown Arts Centre, 2006

Collaboration with CODA, a tribute to Norman Lindsay

Following the sell-out success of Music for the Eyes in 2005, the CODA collective's second instalment delved into the mystique of the vast Australian landscape.

Lull's performance barely strumming his way along on harp, playing his Secret Music… drew the most laughter and captured our imagination. Ahhhh, to be lulled by Lull with his boylike manhood; musical notes plucked seductively from his harp struck the right chord.
The Program
... the physical performers supplemented the experience beautifully with poignant nostalgia, cheeky humour and sheer stamina ... greatness will follow.
Sun Herald

In an artists' residency at Arthur Boyd’s Bundanon, the collective developed a new show inspired by the life and work of iconic Australian artist Norman Lindsay. Lindsay was outrageously talented, outrageously intelligent, outrageously prolific, outrageously bohemian. In fact, many regarded him as just plain outrageous. Music for the Eyes 2 is a revival of the bohemian and hedonistic soirées at which Lindsay created much of his work.

Achievement naked drag: Knox was mistakenly reviewed as a man for this piece here.