Elena Knox

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Drawn and Quartered


Digital video, stereo sound, 3 minutes

Drawn and Quartered explores nationalism, clanship, treason and attendant violence through motifs of flag-waving and national dress. A naked, fully painted tartan figure attempts to blend with a skewed-perspective tartan background (the artist’s own ‘clan’), in which a poem is graven. Bound hand and foot, the figure attempts a traditional war dance.

Direction and text: Elena Knox
Light and camera: Paul J Warren
Set and sound: Lindsay Webb
Edit and colour: Elena Knox
Performance: Elena Knox, Joakim Rivard-Hyde
Makeup: Inkarnation
Hair and nails: Elena Knox
Rope work: Lian Loke
Stills: James Fisher
Production: Lull Studio


://self~imaging, ArteVideoKoeln, CologneOFF at CeC, India 2016
Film Cunst, Brenda May Gallery 2014
Fleshed Out, Ariel Booksellers, Sydney 2011