Elena Knox

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Fantasia of a Common Gull


Digital video, surround sound, 5 minutes 34 seconds

You are Alice and you are dreaming, but it’s all very queer. The white rabbit is a plain Aussie seagull — and the mad tea party is poolside with three dazzling transvestite mermaids. Can the Common Gull keep up appearances, or will he drown in a karaoke nightmare? What have they taken?

Direction: Elena Knox, Naomi Radomishelski
Text: Elena Knox
Camera: Marty Jay, Regina Meyer
Sound: Naomi Radomishelski
Edit and colour: Elena Knox
Performance, costume and makeup: Dan Cakeboy, Max Imum, Elena Knox, David Lloyd
Stills: Anand Kumar
Production: Lull and Nancy


Fleshed Out, Ariel Booksellers, Sydney 2011
Queer Pixels: Mardi Gras Film Festival, Sydney 2009
Music for the Eyes, Sydney Opera House 2006