Elena Knox

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This Haus


Digital video, stereo sound, 4 minutes 57 seconds

This Haus was filmed inside an artist-built cardboard labyrinth with a lantern, a torch and a crew of two. It's an exploration of the presentiments of entanglement we sometimes feel when cohabiting a space, an idea, a shared psyche, or a stretch of lifetime. The score is provided by experimental electronic duo Actual Russian Brides, using synthesised sound, voices, crockery, wine glasses and knives.

as epic as Burial (Cortés), but more underground...

Direction and text: Elena Knox
Camera: Regina Meyer
Light: Anand Kumar
Set: Anna Crane, Anwyn Crawford, Emma Davidson, Marley Dawson, Pep Prodromou, Ned Sevil
Edit and colour: Elena Knox
Music: Actual Russian Brides courtesy Brigade Music Berlin
Performance: Elena Knox
Production: Lull Studio


Noisefloor Festival, Stoke-on-Trent, UK 2017
Richterfest, Moscow 2017
Motion, Bega Valley Regional Art Gallery, Bega 2015
International Streaming Festival, The Hague 2011
Fleshed Out, Ariel Booksellers, Sydney 2011
Also online