Elena Knox

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The Lingering and the Stain


Digital video, stereo sound, 11 minutes 15 seconds

At the interzone of fantasy and flesh, The Lingering and the Stain records the actual etching of a poem onto a woman’s skin by a blind tattooist. Bound by rope and contract to perfect stillness, the woman’s mind wanders through the pain: perhaps her thoughts direct the needle, perhaps she’s ruled by the consensual act. Part gothic neo-noir, part hyper-real documentary, The Lingering and the Stain is a literally spine tingling short film.

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Direction: Elena Knox, Roberto Jean François
Text and edit: Elena Knox
Camera: Paul J Warren, John Brawley
Light: Paul J Warren
Sound and music: Naomi Radomishelski
Performance: Elena Knox, Josh Roelink
Makeup and hair: Georg Wotawa
Stills: Rowena Hall
Production: Lull Studio


International Video Poetry Festival, Athens 2018
LA Underground Film Forum, Honorable Mention, Los Angeles 2017
Körpersprache, Haus für Poesie, Literaturwerkstatt, Berlin 2016
Drawing Now, College of Fine Art, Sydney 2015
Down Under Film Festival, Berlin 2012
International Streaming Festival, The Hague 2011
Fleshed Out, Ariel Booksellers, Sydney 2011
Red Hot Shorts: Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI), Melbourne 2009
Athens Video Art Festival, Greece 2009
Akademie der Künste: Poesiefestival, Berlin 2009
Sydney Underground Film Festival, Sydney 2009
World Aids Day: Athens Central Metro Station, Greece 2009
St Kilda Film Festival, Melbourne 2009
Zebra Poetry Film Festival, Berlin 2008