Elena Knox

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Pathetic Fallacy


HD video, stereo sound, 4 minute 12 second loop

Pathetic Fallacy is an intergenerational dialogue about growing old. Youth doesn't believe it will age. Age believes it knows best. Humans believe in the pathos of humanity. And the cycle continues.

Artist: Elena Knox
Light and camera: Campbell Drummond
Assist: Lindsay Webb
Ursula: Maggie Blinco
Actroid operator: Kirsten Packham
Permissions: National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), Japan, in association with the Creative Robotics Lab, National Institute for Experimental Arts, UNSW Art & Design, Australia
Production: Lull Studio


The Female is Future, Gallery Hashimoto, Tokyo 2018
Athens Digital Arts Festival 2017
Athens Digital Arts Festival tour of Attica and Argosaronic Islands 2017
Cairo Video Festival 2017
Highlights of the Cairo Video Festival, Medrar for Contemporary Art, Cairo 2017
Blue Magpie Experimental Film Series, Taiwan 2017
Pisa Robot Film Festival, Italy 2017
Juried Exhibition, International Symposium on Electronic Art, Run Run Shaw Centre for Creative Media, Hong Kong 2016
Beyond Beyond the Valley of the Dolls, UNSW Galleries, Sydney 2015