Elena Knox

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HD video, stereo sound, 6 minutes 45 seconds

Based on a Chinese translation of Knox’s poem by Nobel Prize winning translator Mabel Lee (Gao Xingjian, Soul Mountain), Piñata blends the narrative trajectories of Marco Polo and Doctor Who to startling and entertaining effect. Piñata manages to call into question the veracity of oral narratives, cultural purity, patriarchy, and true love, and does it all with an axe.

Direction: Elena Knox, Lindsay Webb
Text: Elena Knox
Camera: Matt Fatches, Maylei Hunt, Lindsay Webb
Set: Lean Productions
Edit and sound: Elena Knox
Music: Min Huifen
Performance: Elena Knox, Teik Kim Pok, Thomas A Rivard
Costume: Elena Knox
Stills: Matt Fatches
Production: Lull Studio


Streaming Festival selected 10-year highlights, The Box (Visualcontainer), Milan 2015
International Streaming Festival, The Hague 2013
Fleshed Out, Ariel Booksellers, Sydney 2011
Zebra Poetry Film Festival, Berlin 2010