Elena Knox

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Reinventing the Wheel


HD video, stereo sound, 3 minutes 15 seconds

Reinventing the Wheel is a stop motion animation in which a poem plays out on a gameboard such as seen on TV’s Wheel of Fortune. As the contestants guess at phrases (and prizes), the doll-like hostess who turns their guessed letters becomes a medium for her own message to the host and all you viewers at home.

Artist: Elena Knox
Animation: Campbell Drummond
Music: Lindsay Webb
Production: Lull Studio


International Video Poetry Festival, Athens 2018
Dublin Feminist Film Festival, Ireland 2017
Off the Wall, Arts + Literature Laboratory, Madison, Wisconsin 2016
FemFlix: Contemporary Art and Feminism, SCA Galleries, Sydney 2016
Screenspace, Melbourne 2015
Runway: Australian Experimental Art, Issue 28 Movement 2015
Beyond Beyond the Valley of the Dolls, UNSW Galleries, Sydney 2015
Zebra Poetry Film Festival, Berlin 2014